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What is it?

Sharepoint 2007 End User Training is set of recorded flash videos compiled and narrated by Sharepoint professionals and trainers. The content covered in the videos is mainly targeted towards the end user and administrators and is designed to be deployed within your SharePoint environment for easy access by anyone that has access to the portal. The content mainly covers the basics of SharePoint, its uses, and sells its benefits to the to the end user by demonstrating the various challenges that SharePoint can solve for the end user. The videos also include how-to video instructions and explanations of the tools and features in SharePoint and how they are best used.


Snapshot of Training Video

SharePoint End User Training Videos installation

Who is this training for?

Sharepoint End User Training Videos are targeted to anyone who is interested to understand the uses of Sharepoint and understand some of the most immediate value of using its document management and collaboration features. You may be interested in viewing this course if you are

  • A user in an organization that has Sharepiont and would like a complete and thorough description of Sharepoint and what it can do for you and help you work better
  • Thinking about deploying Sharepoint for your organization and would like to see some of the benefits around Collaboration and document management.
  • Looking for a quick how to reference on how to be to various features in Sharepoint mainly around documents
  • Looking for a reference of the most common tasks done by the end users in Sharepoint to become productive and efficient

Why not go to a class?

Sharepoint End User Training Videos are created and compiled by trainers and Sharepoint experts that have an intimate understanding of end user behavior in the work environment. The training Sessions in this course are similar to a real training class, covering introduction, theory and practice and explaining different usage scenarios and practical cases when working with Sharepoint.

The benefits of Sharepoint End User Training Videos over going to class include:

  1. Cost - STVEU can save you significant cost on training your employees since you no longer have to send users in your organization to training classes. The videos will be available from your portal with a click of a button. Now with a fixed cost you can train as many people in your organization as you please.
  2. Pace - No more sleeping and day dreaming in the classroom. STVEU is self paced, meaning that every user can work of their own machine and can pause, playback, fast forward, and jump clips at the pace that makes them learn best. Users can do their own workshops by following the pausing and replaying throughout the videos.
  3. Time - Classroom sessions are often stretched out, either due to class waiting time, hardware problems, slow machines, lagging trainees. In STVEU, you no longer have to worry since the content in the videos is edited to make sense and minimize any unnecessary waiting that often makes the trainees lose focus on the subject matter.
  4. Ease - STVEU is easy to access and to follow. Just provide the users with a URL and they will go the training page where they can watch the videos conintuosly or jump to the section that matters to them. STVEU was designed to fit nicely with your SharePoint portal. Just create a site and put the videos there just like the screenshot above!
  5. Availability - No more missing training sessions. the videos will be available around the clock on your environment. No need to clear out your schedules to fit with the availability of the class, let the class fit in your schedule. How about new hires that missed the training? No problem, just point them to the URL and they are set to go.

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