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Sharepoint Training Videos for End Users FAQ

How long is the training?

The training session is around 1 hour -- but 1 hour of relevant, rich content that is short enough to keep the student interested in the content and long enough to cover the most common and relevant information for the user to get started and become productive in using SharePoint.

How would you describe the structure of the course?

The SharePoint follows a structure that is very much like a real class, with introductions, slides, videos, narration, demos and real life examples and in-depth explanations of important concepts. The course assumes no knowledge of SharePoint as it covers what SharePoint is and builds on top of that by going into examples and practical demos. The course is designed to bring the users up to speed on what SharePoint is and make the equipped to be productive immediately.

What is a user already has some experience in SharePoint, should they go through the training?

We do believe that is worth it for users who have already been exposed to SharePoint to go through his 1 hour class as this class is comprehensive and acts as a good base level for all you SharePoint users. The other good feature about this course is the ability to skip to through what is more relevant to the user by either jumping to different clips or fast forwarding through a clip.

What video format are the training videos in?

The videos are in Flash format. This enables the users to view them over the web or through a web browser. The benefits of this is that you don't need to distribute CDs or files to every student in the class all you need to do is provide the user with a URL and they should be able to access all the videos.

What is the quality of the training videos?

The quality is crisp clear with 16-bit color. This means that the quality is the same as what you usually see on your regular screen, there is no fuzziness in the font or quality of the video and no loss of color. It is crisp clear and easy on the eyes. The dimensions of the video is 800 x 600.

What is the quality of the audio in the training?

The audio quality is 22Mhz, 16-bit, mono. This means that the audio sounds fresh with no fuzziness or distracting background noise.

What is covered in the training?

The course covers both theory and practice. For a full list of the training outline please click here.

How do I deploy the videos in my Sharepoint Environment?

Sharepoint Training Videos for End Users is simply a collection of flash files. All you need to do is:

  1. Create a Site in your SharePoint environment to host the training videos. A good example is "Sharepoint Training."
  2. Create a Document Library in that site
  3. Move the training files that you downloaded to that document library
  4. On the site, add a "Page Viewer Webpart"
  5. Point the Page Viewer Webpart to the index.html file in the document library

Who are the training videos for?

The videos are mainly for end users. They are mainly designed to be deployed company-wide to all Sharepoint users so that the users can be training on what Sharepoint is and how to use it.