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Course Outline: SharePoint End User Training

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  Topic   Type of Content
End User Fundamentals
1 Introduction   Strategy (The 10,000 Foot View)
2 Understanding Your Role  
3 Why SharePoint? Watch
4 Understanding Key Concepts Watch Important Theory
5 Document Library Gotchas Watch
6 Document Library Basics Watch Practical Knowledge and How-to's
7 Creating Documents in SharePoint  
8 Saving Documents Directly to SharePoint Watch
9 Adding Shortcuts to SharePoint Libraries in Office  
10 Understanding Concurrent Editing Watch
11 Moving SharePoint Documents Around  
12 Understanding Check-in and Check-out  
13 Working with Versions Watch
14 Working with Metadata  
15 Editing Metadata in Datasheet Watch
16 Sorting & Filtering Documents  
17 Understanding Views Watch
18 Collaborating with Documents and Emailing Links  
19 Understanding Alerts Watch
20 Working Offline Watch
21 Understanding the Recycle Bin  
Power User
300 Creating a Site Watch Working With Sites
310 Common site templates  
320 Making your site available (overview)  
330 Adding Your site to left Navigation  
340 Placing a static link to your site in the body  
350 Using the Table of Contents Webpart Watch
360 Browsing Sites Watch
370 How to tell what subsites you have  
380 Creating Custom Templates  
390 Editing Content on your site   Editing Content on Your Site
400 Editing Publishing Pages  
410 Reverting to an old page version  
420 Creating a new Page  
430 Managing Existing Pages  
440 Using the Pages Library  
450 Discarding Checkout  
460 Hiding the Page Editing Toolbar  
470 What you should know about publishing  
480 Publishing Gotchas  
490 What are Lists   Working with Lists
500 Creatinga document library  
510 Creating a calendar  
520 Modifying a view  
530 Modifying a Web Part View Watch
540 Creating a View  
550 Turning on Versioning   Modify List Settings
560 Restoring an Old Version  
570 Turning on Approval Settings  
580 Adding a Column to a List  
590 What is a Masterpage   Modifying Site Settings
600 Changing a MasterPage on your Site Watch
610 Changing the Theme of your site  
620 Modifying Navigation  
630 Turning on Tree Navigation  
640 Understanding your site's Welcome Page Watch
650 Deleting a Site  
660 Activating Features  
670 User Alerts  

1 Introduction

Covers what is to be expected in the course and the skillset the trainee should expect to leave the training with.

2 Understanding Your Roles

Gives an overview of the different roles that a SharePoint user can have mainly SharePoint Administrators, Site Owners, and End Users

3 Why SharePoint

Describes important key benefits of using SharePoint around Collaboration, Document Management, Alerts, Self-service, Forms and Workflows

4 Understanding Key Concepts

Introduces important concepts to understand prior to using SharePoint. Those concepts include Sites, Lists, Permissions, Navigation, Webparts, Views and Metadata.

5 Document Library Gotchas

Warns the users about limitations and best practices to follow when using document libraries as opposed to shared drives.

6 Document Library Basics

Demos how to navigate to document libraries and how to open documents and upload documents.

7 Creating Documents in SharePoint

Demos how to create documents directly in SharePoint.

8 Saving Documents Directly to SharePoint

Demos how to save Office documents directly to SharePoint libraries without opening a browser.

9 Adding Shortcuts to SharePoint Libraries in Office

Demos how to save shortcuts to more relevant document libraries and folders in Office. A trick that would save valuable time frustration to the end user.

10 Understanding Concurrent Editing

Describes the new working habits that a user must get used to in SharePoint and demos how multiple users can work on documents at the same time.

11 Moving SharePoint Documents Around

Demos how to copy and move documents from one location to another, different sites, lists, or portals.

12 Understanding Check-in and Check-out

Demos and walks through the check-in and check-out process, explaining benefits and best practices.

13 Working with Versions

Demos and explains how versions work, what gets versioned, and how to restore versions, pointing to best practices and important details in the process.

14 Working with Metadata

Defines metadata and explains the benefits of metadata with documents. Also shows how to work with metadata and how to update them.

15 Editing Metadata in Datasheet

Shows a trick when working metadata that could save valuable time. The Datasheet allows the users to edit metadata quickly without going through many clicks and screens.

16 Sorting & Filtering Documents

Demos how to work with a collection of documents by sorting and filtered through lists.

17 Understanding Views

Explains views and their benefits and how to modify views.

18 Collaborating with Documents and Emailing Links

Shows how to work documents in SharePoint and how to share them with others. A critical concept to understand and grasp within yours of your orgnization.

19 Understanding Alerts

Describes that benefits of Alerts and demos how to setup alerts on either documents or document libraries.

20 Working Offline

Desribes how to work in a disconnected fashion with SharePoint and how to re-sync once the user is connected.

21 Understanding the Recycle Bin

Explains how the recycle bin works and demos how to retrieve documents from it