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Course Outline: SharePoint Administrator Training

SharePoint 2007 Training Videos for Administrators is a must for your organization if you're deploying or thinking about deoplying MOSS. This training course was given over and over to highly satisfied clients. Its content is comprehensive, relevant and enlightening, answering most of the questions administrators have around SharePoint and how to operate it.

If you have followup question we do answer questions as we are continuously trying to make this an extraordinary course. send email to

  Topic Demo Content Covered
  Understanding SharePoint Topology
1.1 Application Stack Demo Windows Server 2003, .Net Framework 3.0/3.5, IIS, SharePoint Binaries, Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Sites, more..
1.2 Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites Web Application Content stored in database, Web Application can have many site collections, site collections can have many sites, more..
1.3 SharePoint Databases Config Database, Content Databases, Search Databases, SSP Databases, more..
1.4 Servers and Server Roles Web Front End, SQL Server, Index Server, Query Server, Options, more..
1.5 How pages are rendered Masterpages, PageLayouts, site definitions, css, content, webparts
1.6 Adding Servers to Farm How to add servers to farm
1.8 Shared Services Provider Shared Services benefits, Services offered, User profiles, search, Excel Services, Audiencing, Business Data Catalog (BDC)
1.9 Alternate Access Mapping URLs, Host Headers, DNS, multiple URLs, Internal and public URLS, SSL
1.10 Web Application Settings and Recycle Bin Recycle Bin, Second Stage Recycle bin, Recycle Bin settings
1.11 Tour Through Central Administration Administration Screens, Anti Viurs, Service Accounts, Excel Services, Maintaing Web applications and site collections, more.
2.1 Search Architecture   Search Servers, Indexer Roles, Relationship, Content propagation, Scheduling Indexing, more..
2.2 Content Sources   Content Sources, file shares, other websites, sharepoint sites, exchange folders
2.3 Scopes and Scope Groups   Scopes, scopes dropdowns, Central Administration, Site Collection level.
2.4 Security and Search   Content Access Account, Permissions,
2.5 Search iFilters (PDF)   iFilters, icons, Adobe iFilters
  UI Customization
3.1 Master Pages   Sharepoint Designer, Master Page, Menus, Left menus, Controls, Control Properties,
3.2 CSS   CSS Locations, Best practices, Core.css, 12 hive vs content databases, identifying Sharepoint CSS's
3.3 Images   Image locations, Site Collection images, 12 hive vs content databases, logos
3.1 Farm Administrator   Roles
3.2 Site Collection Administrators   Roles
3.3 Site Permissions   Roles, Permissions Page, inheritance, Sites, Lists, items
3.4 SharePoint Groups   SharePoint groups, limitations,
3.5 Permission Levels   Granularity, Existing Levels, 3 main levels, creating new levels, inheritance
4.1 Overview   Content Databses, other databases, options, more.
4.2 SQL Backups   Advantages, Options, Recovery, Testing
4.3 stsadm.exe backup   Advantages, Options, Recovery, Testing
4.4 Site-level Backup   Limitations, how to
4.5 Backup in Central Administration   Option and Steps, stsadm.exe, limitations
4.6 Index Server Backup   Is it necessary, re-indexing option
  Content Types
5.1 What are Content Types   Concept, Site Columns, Page Layouts, Master Control, Reporting
5.2 Page Layouts   SharePoint Designer, Creating New Page Layouts, Applying Page Layouts to Pages, Site Templates, examples
5.3 Usage and Benefits   Master Control, Aggregation, Management
5.4 Content Query Webpart   Aggregate, Filter, Custom Fields, Customizing Look